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    Planning Engineer
    (8 - 15 yrs.)
    Al Ahmadi , Al Kuwait , Hawali - Kuwait
    Keywords: Primavera
    Role Purpose: MAIN PURPOSE OF JOB To perform schedule development, maintenance and monitoring activities as directed and lead planning and scheduling activities when delegated. JOB OBJECTIVES 1. To develop all planning and scheduling tools to be used in control, monitoring and reporting of project status. 2. To identify scope of schedule activities. 3. To determine milestones to support project schedule, including identification of contractual milestones. 4. To establish activity durations and sequence for specific work disciplines. 5. To identify inter-discipline restraints or interfaces which define activity sequences and work with the performing organizations and units to coordinate work sequences within total project plan. 6. To develop quantity release or installation curves for a specific work discipline and review quantity logs to ensure total quantities are represented for each discipline. 7. To assist in the development of manpower requirements for specific work disciplines and assist in resource leveling analysis to perform quantity and manpower resource loading for assigned schedules. 8. To determine critical path activities for work areas and / or work disciplines and monitor schedule deviations and proposes corrective action/work around solutions. 9. To identify and reports activities which have a critical or potential impact on schedule. 10. To prepare schedule, manpower, and quantity progress and performance reports. ESSENTIAL WORK ACTIVITIES • Planning / Implementing • Writing / drawing • Analysing / Integrating / Interpreting • Collecting Information • Estimating / Calculating • Checking • Controlling / Reviewing • Deciding SAFETY AND QUALITY RESPONSIBILITIES • Maintain standards of safety and comply with Company’s Health, Safety and Environment Management System requirements. • Take reasonable care of own health and safety and that of others in the workplace. • Follow and maintain Company standards of Quality in accordance with Company Quality System requirements. EDUCATION, SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE Essential: • Bachelor Degree in Engineering in Electrical or similar technical qualification • Experience in performing, monitoring and presenting project planning and scheduling functions, including schedule development and analysis • Knowledge of engineering, construction techniques customarily acquired by hands on experience in the contracting industry
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